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American Image Marketing (AIM) is a great company to be involved with. A company that is here to stay. Here are a few reasons that we believe American Image Marketing is destined to succeed but more importantly the company through which you can have "Success Your Way".


  1. AIM celebrated its 30th anniversary in 2012.
  2. AIM's executive team is committed to maintaining the fiscal stability of the company and are debt free !
  3. The product line consists of only the highest quality products in unique formulations. Products that make a difference!
  4. AIM is debt free. In fact, AIM holds the highest Dun and Bradstreet rating possible.
  5. AIM has Marketing and Member Training departments dedicated to providing the finest training and marketing tools possible.
  6. Every AIM Member may buy directly from AIM.
  7. Products can be drop shipped from AIM warehouses
  8. All commissions and bonuses are paid directly to our Members by AIM.
  9. AIM is operating in numerous countries. As an AIM Member you can sponsor and build downline in Australia, Canada, New Zealand, South Africa, the United Kingdom, much of Europe and the USA.


  1. Commissions are based on personal and group volumes.
  2. AIM Membership is free with minimum orders, and even reduces the need to purchase inventories since Members may have the company drop-ship product directly to customers at no extra cost!
  3. Permanent promotions coupled with 3 month accumulation of points for promotion purposes makes AIM a leader in this area.
  4. AIM's bonus structure again focuses exclusively on the volume sold. AIM's bonus structure is one of the most generous and realistic in the industry.
  5. The income potential in AIM is directly linked to personal initiative. It does take hard work to build a thriving AIM business, but hundreds of AIM Members have demonstrated that hard work does bring long-lasting financial rewards.
  6. The three Growth Phase steps on AIM's Ladder of Opportunity make it possible for new Members to begin earning commissions very early in their AIM experience.
  7. AIM's new bonuses provide generous rewards for Members who build wide (personally sponsored Members) and deep (many levels of Members) and teach their Members to do the same. As these "wide and deep" organizations are built, volumes grow and the rewards are substantial.

AIM Business Potential

It does take some work to build a thriving AIM business, it starts slow at first and then accelerates as you sponsor others who become willing to share the products with others. Hundreds of AIM Members have demonstrated that consistency does bring long-lasting financial rewards and freedom.

For information on becoming an AIM Member see our Business Page

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