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n.n. represents the brand of barley juice powder used

Mac, The Dog...

Our six-year-old lab-mix dog, Mac, had developed a tumor on his right elbow. The veterinarian wanted to do surgery to remove it as soon as possible. She was concerned that because of its size, she would have to remove too much skin, which would make the healing very difficult. We were leaving for a week long vacation, so I asked her if we could wait until I got back. As soon as I returned, I made sure that Mac, 75 pounds, got ˝ tsp. of n.n.. a day. He preferred to take it with some food. In less than 3 weeks, the tumor, which prior to the n.n.. had split open and looked horrible, had shrunk down to nothing.

Mac is continuing to get his n.n.. every day. He's a happy dog. I am a happy dog owner and have more money in my account by avoiding a large surgery bill. Sandy Combs- Crescent City, Florida

Tony Lund I started taking n.n.. in January 2002 and was somewhat disappointed. I got sick. My sinuses started draining profusely. But what do I tell people when they call me after they have started taking Herbal dietary fiber and they get sick, "You are simply DETOXING". Of course when it happens to you, you don't see it that way until someone points it out to you. I was taking 3 tablespoons of n.n.old and replaced it with 3 tablespoons of n.n... I wasn't expecting n.n.. to be so potent, but it is. The arthritic pain I had been experiencing six months prior to taking n.n.. has completely gone. That pain was the reason I was taking 3 tablespoons of n.n.old. My usual serving was only a tablespoon, but I increased it in September hoping it would help with the joint pain.

Toni Lund's Step-Dad Late May 2001, Harry, my step-dad, was diagnosed with prostate cancer. At that time surgery wasn't an option. He took large doses of n.n.old as well as many other things and was holding his own, but he was weak and didn't look very good. When Mom got her jar of n.n.. to test, she gave it to him instead. You could not believe the difference in this man. He went from lying around all day, doing only what he had to do with my mother's business, to mowing the lawns again. He gets up early and works in the yard several hours before it gets hot, then runs his errands. He came to the convention in July and walked everywhere. Before taking n.n.., we thought he would not be able to make that trip.

Jim Kling "To me, AIM n.n..™ is the answer to feeling like you want to feel- healthy and energetic, with no health problems, at my age, 75, when many people are having major health problems. AIM n.n..™ is the answer to living old gracefully."

Teresa Schumacher "I am excited about the new AIM n.n... Since taking it, I have more energy, better digestion, and a feeling of well being. I am 77 years young and AIM n.n.. will help me live to be 100."

Russ Huntley "We have been taking n.n.. for three weeks now, and the way it makes you feel is absolutely amazing!!!! If I didn't know I was turning 60 this November, I would guess (based on how I feel) that I was under 20. I honestly have not had so much "natural" energy in my entire life. Trust me, I would not make such a statement unless it was absolutely true!!"

Dr. John Shewfelt's patients: Dr Shewfelt shared the progress a couple of his patients have made since being on n.n... One is a 54-year-old woman who had breast cancer 5 years ago. She had chemotherapy and radiation but the cancer continued to spread. It migrated to her long bones and pelvis. The doctor put her on morphine 2-1/2 years ago. She came to Dr. Shewfelt a year ago and he put her on 5 tablespoons of n.n.old, 1 tablespoon Just Carrots and 2 teaspoons Redibeets. Continued bone scans showed arresting of some sites. She started using n.n.. in place of n.n.old and in 2-1/2 weeks she had no more pain. Her new bone scan shows no new sites and her cancer has completely arrested. Her blood work which had a very high white blood count now is normal.

The other lady is 34 years old with osteo sarcoma, cancer of the bone and knee. She had her knee removed as well as her femur and some bones in her lower leg. The doctors replaced it with a mechanical knee and leg made of steel. (Imagine her getting through airport security.) With chemotherapy and radiation she lost all of her hair. Her white count was very high. Dr. Shewfelt put her on 4-5 tablespoons n.n.old, 1 tablespoon Just Carrots and 2 teaspoons Redibeets in January. Her hair grew back in 4 weeks and was the color it was when she was a child. She started on n.n.. July 2002. Her blood work shows her blood count as normal and her ankles that were 6 inches across are now normal.

Sandy Coombs - Crescent City, Florida shares: After using n.n.. for just a few days, my husband, Alex, has a pain-free shoulder- something that he had dealt with for almost two years. His chiropractor told him that it was a frozen shoulder. He had received treatment 6 months ago, but was left with pain and limited mobility. n.n.. has to be so loaded with SOD that his body could get his shoulder back to normal so quickly.

Just before coming to the convention in Hawaii in July 2002, I was having serious pain and swelling in my liver area. It had gotten to the point where the area was painful to touch. I couldn't bend to my right without pain and pressure in that spot. We got our bottle of n.n.. on Thursday, the 18th at the convention. I took too much the very first day- 2 Tbls.-- and started to detox. I developed a cough, felt like my lungs were filling up with fluid, and was breaking out in tiny red spots on my body. All of these disappeared within 24 hours after I cut back to just 1 tsp. per day. By the time we returned home on Monday, all of the pain and swelling in the liver area were gone. My energy is soaring, I'm waking up early and am totally refreshed.

I just got a call from a new customer who lives in Phoenix. This customer has a pacemaker, asthma, painful nerve damage in her feet, high blood pressure, and arthritis in her back. She had taken her serving of n.n.. in the morning. She was so excited that she called me the moment that she got home from work. She had no pain in her feet today. Her back did not hurt all day long. Even with her pacemaker, she would get out of breath and have a hard time climbing stairs. She had no difficulty walking or climbing stairs today. She is on the strongest asthma medication that a person can take. She usually has at least one- often two asthma attacks every day. She didn't have a single attack today. She always had to take a nap as soon as she got home from work. A nap was the farthest thing from her mind today. She was so excited that she couldn't keep quiet. She said that her co-workers have told her that if n.n.. really helps her body get what it needs to turn things around, then they want it too.

Harold Harrison shares; My neighbor, Bob B., is a Pharmacist with Wal*Mart and has been taking n.n.old for about two years. Bob is also a serious cyclist and rides 10+ miles every day to sustain a heart rate of 130/min. We upgraded him to n.n.. two weeks ago and now he cannot get his heart rate over 120-125/min regardless of how steep the terrain. He has tried all possible terrain to get his heart rate up to 130/min but has not been able to since taking n.n... The athletic performance potential with n.n.. has to be significant.

Lora Bitting- Muskogee, OK shares: Five years ago I was told about green barley juice by a woman in her early 70's, Helen Snodgrass, who had been taking it for ten years. She was retired and was far more active than I, at age 44. I had the beginnings of Chronic Fatigue at the time and green barley juice made all the difference in the world to me.

My parents are both 82 and my father has been taking green barley juice for the last four years and works like he did in his 50's. I couldn't get my mother to take it until two years ago after one of her medical doctors started taking it and got so excited about it himself.

My mother's story is pretty impressive. She has had severe heart arrhythmia for over 10 years and Congestive Heart Failure for 6 years. She has bad knees too and between them and her heart she was restricted to a wheel chair for most of her getting around. Momma has a standing appointment with her cardiologist every month. Ten days after she started taking green barley juice her cardiologist said, "Doris, this is the best heart rhythm I've ever heard!"

I could hardly believe that anything could make a change that fast but I got out the Green Leaves of Barley book to see what I could find that would make sense of this. I found that one of the naturally occurring ingredients in green barley juice is SOD, a nutrient that is directly related to heart rhythm! n.n.. is now even higher in SOD. Thirty days later her doctor said, "Doris, you're sounding real good!"

And thirty days later (two months and ten days after she started taking green barley juice) the doctor said, "Doris, I don't hear Congestive Heart Failure!" Green barley juice is the only change she made in her routine. That was November 1999 and she still does not have Congestive Heart Failure. Consequently, she is feeling so much better, has so much more stamina.

Pam Kemp - Takes 2 tablespoons of n.n.., 1 tablespoon of Just Carrots and 1 teaspoon of Redibeets at 5:30am. She notices much more energy throughout the day. Using the previous barley powder she would get hungry by 10:30am. Now she doesn't get hungry until after 1pm. She also use to take another tablespoon of barley powder around 3:30pm to perk her up. With n.n.. she finds that extra tablespoon is not necessary as her energy level remains high.

Loren Schiele "With just three servings of AIM n.n..™, I could feel the difference. I noticed an increased sense of well being, energy, and stamina. I just felt great! And I had already been using a barley juice powder for more than six years."

Jeff. Newby I have been taking AIM Barley Life, & Herbal Fiberblend daily for 5 weeks. My hands do not shake half as much as they did. I can eat and write with my right hand for the first time in 5 years. I am a lot stronger, And have a lot more energy.

Doris's Good Report
Last month we were just about out of Barley Green when the new Barley Life
was available. So, we ordered 2 bottles. When I took it, I could feel a tingle over all my body. I have more energy, which I needed working in the nursing home styling hair. I feel much better.

Becky Witte
The day after I officially started taking n.n.., I woke up on a Saturday morning at 8:00 a.m. which is very unusual for me because I like to sleep in. I washed and waxed my car, vacuumed it, and took my parents' dogs for a walk. Then I went over to my brother's house and made him and my niece lunch. I cleaned their house. When I finished I took my niece to the park and ran around with her for a few hours. That evening I stayed up late watching a movie with my fiancée. I had more energy then I remember having in years. I really love it!

Women's Track Team
Several women from Northwest College's Cross Country and Track team have
been taking n.n.. for the past few weeks. In the first meet since starting n.n.. at the University of Washington Sundodger Meet, seven of the women set Personal Records, and the top runner (who is on n.n..) ran 25 seconds faster than her previous best time. This is a huge gain, and the coach said the girls are noticing a difference. They notice improved energy and he overheard them telling the other team members about the benefits of n.n.. The Northwest College team won the race with over 20 teams and 215 women competing. Cathy McCrea

Christine Benbow
Recently, Christine has experienced some major detoxification since she switched to n.n... When I suggested that she switch back to n.n.old until after her daughter's wedding, she affirmed that she was sticking to n.n.. and was thrilled to be cleansing toxins from her system. She was holding a jar of n.n.., as we spoke, and declared that she felt as though she was holding pure gold.
She cautions that even though someone has been taking BG for 20 years they should start on 1 teaspoon or less and then increase their servings. n.n.. is so potent that we may experience detoxification.

Many of us were blinking back tears as a very distinguished gentleman spoke at our September 2002 n.n.. seminar in Altamonte Springs, Florida. He was not an AIM Member. He only knew one person who was attending that large meeting. He had come simply to tell his story and thank one of our members for introducing him to n.n...

With misty eyes, he shared that he had been diagnosed with lymphoma. Tumors had been found behind his heart, in his pelvic area and on his neck. He was classified as being at a level 3 in the disease. Chemotherapy was the only medical treatment available, but this was an option that he hoped to avoid if at all possible.

He had radically changed his diet to mainly raw fruits and vegetables---no animal products---and he had been using a "green drink" product that his chiropractor was promoting...but he was still struggling with his physical challenges. It was at one of his visits to his chiropractor that a young lady, Becky Witte, who worked at the office overheard him discussing his condition. She was an AIM member and wanted to tell him about the n.n.old that she had been using for years. However, she did not have permission from her employer to tell patients about n.n.old so she kept silent.

In a short time, Becky resigned her position with the chiropractor and took a new job. After waking up a couple of times thinking about this man fighting lymphoma, she finally went to the phone book and tried to look him up. There were two people with the same name, so she sent letters to both of them about n.n.old. The man with lymphoma called the day after he received her letter.

He began taking n.n.old while continuing with his raw food diet. A few weeks later he switched to n.n.. when it became available. He told us that he had been taking 5 tablespoons of n.n.. each day for about 3 weeks when tests showed that the tumors behind the heart and in the pelvic area were gone. This man finally had hope. He never stated that n.n.. cu_red his condition; but he did say that he would never stop using it.

It's easy to take good health for granted; and it's frightening when it's suddenly gone. This man was willing to stand before a large group of people just to tell his story-so that it might give hope to someone else in the same situation. He thanked the young AIM member who had the courage to reach out to him, and closed with a parting question, "Where would I be if she hadn't bothered to tell me about this?" Shared by Sandy Combs

Note: n.n.. is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.


Psalms 103:2,5 2 Bless the Lord, O my soul, And forget not all His benefits.... Who satisfies your mouth with good things, So that your youth is renewed like the eagle’s.

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