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Abortion doesn't make me happy.
I sure am glad that I am still here. Thank you mommy!
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While photographing a field of 4400 crosses I saw something that caused me to go to my darkroom and create this picture entitled "Returning to Jesus". Because of the interest this picture has generated we have placed it here on the internet and are now offering prints for your purchase. I hope you enjoy it.

Returning to Jesus Picture here

Note: Picture quality was greatly reduced for this image

 `The Vision of:

 Everyday since the U.S. Supreme Court
 "Roe vs Wade" decision in 1973, 4400 American
 babies have been voluntarily presented by
 their mothers to be killed by abortion.

 36,938,000 and counting...
 Do you think GOD is upset ???

 My vision as I looked at the crosses in
 the "cemetery of the innocent" was that of
 4400 rejected babies returning daily to the
 Body of Christ from where they came ..... 
 ...... for the Kingdom of GOD belongs to such
as these... Mark 10:14.

As you look at this picture, Pray...not
for the babies because their suffering is over
BUT for mankind.. us... because our suffering
has not yet begun.

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