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The cereal grasses--barley, wheat, oats, and rye--have been a source of human nutrition for centuries. Great civilizations from the past depended on one or more of these grasses as a major part of their diets. These green grasses are in a class by themselves, offering a plant source that can support the nutritional needs of an animal from its birth to old age.

Until recently, however, we received nutrition from these plants in the form of grains. Before the plants undergo the reproductive cycle that creates the grains, they are in the grass stage, and these grasses contain about the same minerals and vitamins as dark green vegetables. When they are harvested at a young age, these grasses have a different chemical makeup than their adult counterparts. For example, wheat grass has 32 g of protein per 100 g, while wheat flour has only 13. Wheat grass has about 23,000 International Units of vitamin A per 100 g, while wheat flour has none. We can see then, that the young grasses--the young leaves offer us great nutrition.

One of the first products to take advantage of the nutrition in grasses is Barleygreen. Developed by Dr. Yoshihide Hagiwara from barley grass after a long search to find the best nutritional plant, Barleygreen captures the wide spectrum of nutrients found in the barley plant. These include many vitamins and minerals, plus live enzymes, alkalizing substances, chlorophyll, and amino acids. As Dr. Hagiwara has said, "It was clear to me, then, that the leaves of the cereal grasses provide the nearest thing this planet offers to the perfect food. For reasons of palatability, higher nutrient content, and favorable harvesting features, green barley stands out as the best among them."

"Since its introduction, thousands of people have discovered the power of this nutrition. Today, Barleygreen remains the best-selling green juice drink in the world."

Barleygreen Q and A

Barleygreen: The dried juice of young barley plants.

What exactly does this mean? To your customers, to new Members, and even to some old AIM hands, it means very little. Unless you understand the power of food, unless you understand the power of barley leaves, it means nothing.

What is Barleygreen? Barleygreen is perhaps best explained by first talking about a more well-known vegetable. This is because most people are not familiar with green barley leaf, and the phrase "Barleygreen is a green barley leaf extract" means nothing to them. Nor do people understand the concept of whole food concentrates.

Most people are aware that broccoli, for example, is good for them. If broccoli could be concentrated into powder form, you would have an easy way to consume large amounts of broccoli and all of its valuable nutrients. Because concentrates are "evenly concentrated," you would also get all the nutrients in their natural proportions; that is, how they were formed in nature. We do this with green barley leaf; Barleygreen is a concentrated form of this. We use green barley leaf because over 25 years of research have shown that green barley leaf contains the widest spectrum of important nutrients in the plant kingdom. It is the nearest thing our earth offers to the perfect food.

Because of the power of green barley, and the special processing method used to create Barleygreen, you receive the same wide spectrum of nutrients found in the barley plant, including the enzymes, in a concentrated form. Thus, one serving of Barleygreen provides you with the benefits of multiple servings of a green vegetable. And we all know how important vegetables are to our health.

Why is Barleygreen so green? Nothing is added to Barleygreen to get the green color. The patented processing method captures the chlorophyll in the green barley leaves, which is what causes the green color.

Is Barleygreen expensive? Barleygreen is not expensive. When you consider the nutrient value you are getting, it is quite economical. Some people may perceive that it is expensive by comparing its price to the prices of other products, such as those found in health food stores. However, these are low-quality substitutes. They are milled, which prohibits many of the active ingredients found in barley grass from being assimilated. The milled grass products also contain fiber, making them heavier and bulkier but less nutritious.

Is there a difference between the powder and the caplets? No. The caplets are made from the powder. We make caplets because some people feel that they are more convenient, or prefer not to "taste" the juice. Although the juice may be the most effective way to use Barleygreen, you lose little, if anything, when taking the caplets.

Which nutrients and how much of each are found in Barleygreen? A wide range of vitamins and minerals are found in Barleygreen. As well, amino acids, live enzymes, alkalizing substances, and chlorophyll are found.

The amount of nutrients in Barleygreen is roughly the same as the amount of nutrients found in the barley plant and kelp. We do not "pump up" Barleygreen with synthetic nutrients. We believe exact amounts and "mega amounts" of nutrients are not relevant to Barleygreen. Barleygreen contains nutrients as they are produced by nature. We believe this is superior to nutrients created in the laboratory. These include potassium, calcium, magnesium, iron, copper, phosphorus, manganese, zinc, beta carotene, B1, B2, B6, C, folic acid, and pantothenic acid. Indeed, green barley juice contains 11 times the calcium in cows' milk, nearly 5 times the iron in spinach, 7 times the vitamin C in oranges, and 80 mg of vitamin B12 per hundred grams.

What is the difference between Barleygreen with and without kelp? One has kelp and the other doesn’t! The obvious aside, the amount of kelp in Barleygreen, although small, has a dramatic effect on the product. Kelp is a densely nutritious food, which adds more vitamins and minerals to Barleygreen. Kelp has been used in the past for weight loss and thyroid problems, due to its iodine content, as well as other health concerns.

What is maltodextrin? Maltodextrin is a natural, complex carbohydrate. It is not a simple sugar (dextrose, fructose, sucrose, table sugar, corn syrup, etc.) and does not behave like a simple sugar. It is derived from corn starch, and its starch component frees glucose across the human intestinal barrier in a time-release fashion over several hours. No steep rise or fall of blood sugar results.

Maltodextrin is used to help stabilize and protect the Barleygreen. When the maltodextrin is sprayed on to the Barleygreen, it forms a protective shield around the fragile nutrients. This shield is "broken" when you add water and drink the product.

Can I mix Barleygreen with any juice or liquid? Taking Barleygreen with certain liquids may hinder its action somewhat. We do not recommend taking Barleygreen with cranberry juice (AIM CranVerry is ok, as the Barleygreen is in your system before the CranVerry tablets dissolve) or prune juice because the acidity of the juices could affect the alkalizing substances in Barleygreen. Carbonated drinks may also affect the alkalizing substances. Nor do we recommend taking it with hot drinks, as the heat could destroy the enzymes.

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