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The Hallelujah Diet - Foods To Eat

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The Hallelujah Diet Healthy Foods Pyramid
The original Basic 4 Food Groups that most of us were raised on has produced massive physical problems.
Two of the four food groups were animal products. These animal products are producing heart attacks,
which are the cause of 50 percent of all deaths in America today. Animal products are also the
primary cause of most cancers and adult-onset diabetes, not to mention acid stomach,
most allergies, etc. The Hallelujah Diet Healthy Foods Pyramid, by
comparison, produces abundant health and a long life.

Fat and
Foods, Oils, etc
flax seed & olive oil,
butter, beans, honey, etc.
eat very sparingly
bread, brown
rice, millet, etc.
eat moderately

steamed vegetables and
baked potatoes or sweet
potatoes, vegetable soups
and stews. eat moderately
and only at the evening meal
Raw Nuts and Seeds
High Protein & Fat - Consume Sparingly
Fresh Vegetable
And, no, that does not
include frozen, bottled or canned juice

Two to eight 8-oz. servings a day. Carrot
juice   should   comprise at least 50% of any
vegetable juice mix. Drink fruit juices sparingly.
Barley Green
Minimum of 3 teaspoons daily.
For optimal nutrition, take 3 - 4
Tablespoons daily. Barley Green is
a (convenient) form of vegetable
juice. Take 30 min. before each meal.
Raw Fruits Raw Vegetables
Fruits   are   a   cleansing   food,  and   are
very   easy   to digest,  so they are   ideal for
the   first   meal of the   day. Do not mix   fruits
with other foods, and do not mix different types
of   fruit   improperly.   Generally one should eat
more raw vegetables  than  fruits. Too much fruit
can create   hypoglycemic   problems   for   some
people  due to its high  content of natural sugars.
You may eat unlimited quantities of raw vegetables.
Raw vegetables are your best source of nutrition, and
one should   strive to eat a good   variety of   vegetables,
especially greens and deeply-colored vegetables such as
broccoli,   spinach,   carrots,   beets,   squash, etc. The deep
colors   indicate   high   quantities of beta-carotene and other
vital   nutrients.   Eating a raw   vegetable salad before a meal
of cooked   vegetables   or grains   will provide   your body with
living   enzymes   necessary   to   help   digest the cooked food.
  • High-fat, high-protein & concentrated foods should be kept to a minimum. Extra-Virgin Olive Oil or raw Flax Seed Oil can be used on raw vegetable salads. Beans (including tofu and other soybean products) should not be relied upon as a regular staple of the diet because they are cooked and too high in protein. Small amounts of butter and honey can be used occasionally.

  • Minimize grains because most are acidforming. Fruits and vegetables, by comparison, are alkaline. Cancer cells cannot survive in an alkaline environment. Limit cooked veggies to the evening meal. Remember, cooking destroys most nutrients

  • Nuts & seeds are too high in fat & protein to eat regularly.

  • With the fiber removed, fresh vegetable juices are the most efficient way of getting nutrition to the cellular level.

  • In addition to great nutrition, eating raw vegetables & fruits are the best source of fiber.

  • if one eats a diet of at least 75 to 85 percent raw foods, this leaves 15 to 25 percent of the diet for cooked food. This 15-25 percent should not be junk! No meat, dairy, white flour, white sugar, salt, chemical preservatives or processed foods. If one avoids these harmful processed foods and animal products, the cooked food portion of the diet can satisfy cravings and offer a variation at the end of the day, with very little harmful effect on overall health. 1 cooked meal at the end of the day can be very satisfying, but remember, the only food that is cell food is raw food.

  • We recommend that at least 75 to 85 percent of one's diet be living (raw) food. This provides our living cells with the nutrition they need to function properly and to build healthy new cells. Living food is the key to a healthy life!

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