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My name is Bert Mikoll and I am 73 years old. About 3 years ago (1996), I developed an arthritic pain in the fingers of both hands. Eventually, the ring fingers of both hands "locked up" every time I made a fist. When this happened the pain became very intense. The only way to release the "lock" was to forcibly straighten the finger. Rarely was I able to remove my wedding band because of the swelled knuckle.

About November 1998, I began taking 3 glucosamine-chondroitin caplets per day, the 500/400mg. variety. The relief I experienced after 8 months was more wishful than real.

Frame EssentialsWhen AIM introduced Frame Essentials, I decided to try them because this was a product made to restore joint and cartilage health. Besides, nothing else worked. About the end of July 1999,I began taking Frame Essentials, 2 tablets twice a day.

By the second week of September 1999 I was able to make a full tight fist with both hands without any fingers "locking up". TGBTG.

I continue to take Frame Essentials daily in full dosage because my left index finger knuckle is still a work in progress even though it is much improved. Eventually, I will take the maintenance amount to keep up my joint and cartilage strength.

Praise GOD for showing me the pathway to health.

Norbert Mikoll
22 Southview Dr.
Arcade, NY 14009

P.S.: UPDATE: August 2013 makes it 14 years later and my joints still work great with no problems since 1999 !! I usually take a couple Frame Essentials each day for maintenance.
Joint Health Page for More Information

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