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The Hallelujah Diet - Physical Problems

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Dealing with Physical Problems the Hallelujah Diet Way

by Rev. George Malkmus

I am neither a medical doctor nor a university-trained nutritionist. Rather, I am a Bible-believing preacher who was told in 1976 that he had colon cancer. Not wanting to take the traditional medical route my mother had taken for her colon cancer (due to the horrible and devastating results of the chemotherapy, radiation, and surgery), I searched for an alternative method to deal with my cancer. The direction I was encouraged to go-and what made the most sense to mewas to research diet and lifestyle.

The Genesis 1:29 Diet

The first place I looked for truth concerning diet and lifestyle was the Bible, and I found the truth I was seeking in God's original diet, as recorded in Genesis 1:29. In that Bible verse, God told mankind to nourish his body with the raw fruits and vegetables provided by nature. This verse became the guiding light in my quest for expanded truth concerning how to nourish and heal my own physical body. By adopting the Genesis 1:29 diet, I was cured of my cancer as well as all physical problems I experienced at the time; and this diet has kept me free from all physical problems for more than 20 years. After consulting the Bible, I began reading everything I could get my hands on concerning nutrition, diet, and lifestyle from independent researchers-all the while using my own body for experimentation. As I studied and experimented, it was God's original diet, as described in Genesis 1:29, that kept me on the straight and narrow. There is so much conflicting information these days in regard to what we should and should not eat as well as how we should deal with physical problems. If the teachings I discovered fit the Genesis 1:29 diet, I gave them credibility. If they did not, then I cast them aside as unworthy of my consideration.

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