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The Hallelujah Diet - Physical Problems

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Dealing with Physical Problems the Hallelujah Diet Way


The Traditional Medical Approach

Medical doctors are taught to deal with physical problems from a purely "symptomatic" approach. Before a doctor can attempt to help a patient, he must first determine the patient's symptoms. Once the symptoms have been determined, he has a bag of modalities he learned in medical school; hopefully, he can use them to suppress that person's symptoms. Drugs are doctors' main weaponry, but doctors often tell patients that if a particular drug does not relieve the symptom, to come back and try another. And if drugs don't work, doctors progressively use more invasive and potentially dangerous modalities and procedures, including chemotherapy, radiation, and surgery. And if none of those modalities work, then the patient is usually pronounced "terminal" or told that the problem is in his head. (Editor's Note: Recent articles in the prestigious Journal of the American Medical Association acknowledge that adverse reactions to doctor-prescribed drugs and medical mistakes are the third highest cause of deaths in America today. Some have recently stated that this has increased to the leading cause of death in the USA.)

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