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The Hallelujah Diet - Physical Problems

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Dealing with Physical Problems the Hallelujah Diet Way


The Herbal Approach

Before an herbalist can attempt to help a patient, he must first determine the patient's symptoms. Based on those symptoms, he would then recommend a particular herb or group of herbs to help relieve those symptoms. Granted, herbs are usually less toxic than a doctor's drugs, but the approach is similar-what are the symptoms and what can be done to make those symptoms go away?

Vitamin and Mineral Supplementation

Many books and articles teach the use of a particular vitamin, mineral, or protein supplement as a modality for removing symptoms. These supplements are often prescribed by nutritionists and some medical doctors. Like herbs, most vitamin and mineral supplements are less toxic than a doctor's drugs; but, again, supplements treat symptoms instead of physical problems. There are also the homeopathic doctor, the acupuncturist, the iridologist, and a myriad of other approaches and practitioners; but, again, these practitioners treat symptoms! Each of the aforementioned approaches to physical problems prescribes a modality to suppress or remove a symptom. Many people have been helped by this approach but is there not a better way to deal with physical problems than the symptomatic approach? We believe there most definitely is!

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