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The Hallelujah Diet - Physical Problems

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Dealing with Physical Problems the Hallelujah Diet Way


The Hallelujah Diet Way

Symptoms are not usually the problem! Symptoms are merely the body's reacting to our putting something into it that God never intended. Therefore, the first thing one must do to remove a symptom is to stop putting into his body whatever caused the physical breakdown (symptom, if you will) in the first place. Consider high blood pressure, for example. High blood pressure is usually the result when one eats foods containing the wrong kinds of fat. That fat enters the bloodstream during digestion but is not completely eliminated from the body; thus that fat begins clogging the arteries. Consequently, the fat buildup causes the heart to pump harder to push blood through the narrowed passageways of the arteries. This extra pumping elevates blood pressure and ultimately leads to approximately 50 percent of all deaths in America. Unfortunately, due to the high intake of fat-laden animal products in our society, the average four year-old already has plaque buildup on his arterial walls. The medical community usually treats symptoms associated with high blood pressure with drugs. The herbalist would recommend garlic or another herb to relieve the symptoms, while vitamin and mineral therapist and homeopathic doctors would have a specific recommendation for this symptom. We must look beyond a symptom to its cause. When the cause has been determined and treated, the symptom usually and quite rapidly disappears. When you know what has caused a symptom, you can take necessary steps to eliminate the problem by eliminating what caused it.

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