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Good Health Requires a Healthy Colon

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Putrid Fecal matter and Mucus create Ideal Environment for Parasites in the body

Over a period of time, constipation interferes with the functioning of every cell, organ and gland, causes the blood stream and lymph system to become overloaded with toxins, sends poisons throughout the entire body, and clogs much of the system with disease-causing mucus. This pathogenic mucus, which results from eating and drinking the wrong foods, "is the ideal media for propagating germs, microbes, and bacteria," Dr. Walker writes. If our colon and the rest of our body is free from excessive pathogenic mucus and other putrefactive waste matter, harmful germs, bacteria and parasites will not flourish and cause problems, because there will be insufficient food for these scavengers to survive.

The book, Cleansing the Body and the Colon for a Happier arid Healthier You, by Teresa Schumacher and Toni Schumacher Lund, states a clogged-up colon and its parasitic infection is often the undiagnosed root of many physical problems. But, Schumacher writes, the medical profession "does not even agree with the notion of filthy and impacted colons contributing to much American ill health. This may be because there are no patented drugs for quick relief of impacted colons, The only way to cleanse intestines is with natural ingredients, and via a persistent personal hygiene program."

She estimated there are "about 300 different types of parasites thriving in America today," and that more than 80 percent of people in the world are infested. Schumacher quotes parasite expert June Wiles, Ph.D., as saying, "Parasites are vermin that steal your food, drink your blood and leave their excrement in your body to be reabsorbed back into the blood-stream as nourishment." Schumacher's book lists several types of parasites and a variety of ways in which they are caught.

As for parasites in food, Schumacher notes the parasite incubation period is 36 hours. She says once we have eaten a meal we should be able to eliminate the waste from that food within 16 to 24 hours. But, she notes, "it is startling to learn that the average elimination time in America today is 96 hours." If waste is not eliminated within 24 hours, it begins a toxic build-up that provides a breeding ground for parasitic infection. She writes that a clogged intestine with putrid fecal matter and plenty of sugar provides the ideal environment for parasites to thrive.

So, it is easy to see how a vegetarian, high-fiber, low-fat diet can affect the health of our colon, and how the health of our colon affects our whole body. Adding fiber to our diet and eliminating animal products and processed foods will greatly assist the movement of waste through. the colon, and this will have a major impact on the health of the entire body. Some benefit may be obtained by adding fiber to a diet that continues to include fiber-deficient animal products, but this benefit will not be as great as can be found by making a complete dietary change.

Excellent for colon health and parasitesHerbal Fiberblend

At Hallelujah Acres, we recommend a vegetarian diet of at least 75 percent raw fruits and vegetables. In addition to providing an excellent source of easy-to-assimilate protein, vitamins, minerals, and live enzymes, this high-fiber, low-fat diet will create an improved waste-elimination process, from the cellular level to the colon. Dr. Walker's book recommends the regular use of colonic irrigations to keep 'the colon clean, but we feel a better approach is to first attempt to cleanse the colon through diet. Dietary changes are a less intrusive approach than colonic irrigations, and we find that people are receiving excellent results.

       -     The Health of Our Colon Determines the Health of Our Body
       -     A Clogged-Up, Rancid Colon Pollutes Our Entire Body With Toxic Waste
       -     Putrid Fecal matter and Mucus create Ideal Environment for Parasites in the Body
       -     Herbal Fiberblend Provides needed Fiber, and Helps to Rid the Body of Parasites
       -     Recommended Use of Herbal Fiberblend

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