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The Hallelujah Diet - What to Eat

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The Hallelujah Diet

by Rev. George Malkmus

Note: The new BarleyLife is substantially better and is now recommended in place of the Barleygreen. Folks are seeing much better results with BarleyLife and it is less expensive.

People often ask me, "What do you eat?" Here is my answer:

One tablespoon of Barleygreen* powder. I let it dissolve in my mouth, or mix it in a couple of ounces of distilled water at room temperature. That is usually all I have until noon! If I do get hungry, then I eat a piece of fresh juicy fruit later in the morning. Cooked food is an absolute no-no as my body is in a cleansing mode until about noon each day.

It is important to me that the Barleygreen powder comes from American Image Marketing (AIM) and that it contains kelp. Other companies have tried to imitate this product, but their products are not processed the same way. I have tried other products, but they do not give the same results, nor do the Barleygreen caplets if swallowed. The caplets, however, can be dissolved in the mouth like a lozenge. I enjoy them in this form, especially while traveling.

One tablespoon of Barleygreen* powder, as at breakfast. Sometimes I stir my Barleygreen into eight ounces of freshly extracted carrot juice,** which I find especially delicious and extremely nutritious. At least thirty minutes after consuming the Barleygreen, I prefer an all-raw fruit lunch: bananas, apples, dates, etc. Organic is always best when available. (Sometimes instead of fruit I have a vegetable salad for lunch.) It is important that this be an all raw meal!

One tablespoon of Barleygreen* powder either dry or stirred in a couple ounces of distilled water or carrot juice. Carrot juice must be freshly extracted, never canned, bottled or frozen. At least thirty minutes after consuming the Barleygreen, I eat a large green vegetable salad of leaf lettuce (never head lettuce), broccoli, cauliflower, celery, carrots, etc. The salad is usually followed by some cooked food (baked potato, baked sweet potato, brown rice, steamed vegetables, whole grain pasta, whole grain bread, and so on). Later in the evening I often have a glass or two of organic apple juice or a piece of juicy fruit. (My diet consists of approximately 85 percent raw food and 15 percent cooked food.)

To ensure that I get the essential fatty acids my body needs, I also have one tablespoon of Udo's Choice Perfected Oil Blend. I either have this on my evening salad or straight out of the bottle.

I take a B-12 supplement 3 times each week to ensure my body is getting enough B-12. It is important that the B-12 is derived from a plant source.

Exercise is also an essential part of my program. I do at least one hour of vigorous exercise daily. Additionally, I try to get some sunshine on as much of my body as possible every day.

*The reason I supplement my diet with Barleygreen is that our food today is being grown for the most part on very deficient soils that often lack all the nutrients my body needs for building new, strong, healthy, vital, vibrant cells. Barleygreen is grown organically and contains the widest spectrum of nutrients available today from a single source that I am aware of. It is also loaded with enzymes. I consider it the single most important food I put in my body each day and always consume at least 3 tablespoons of it a day. Note: The new BarleyLife is substantially better and is now recommended in place of the Barleygreen. Folks are seeing much better results with BarleyLife and it is less expensive.

Another AIM product I find very beneficial is Herbal Fiberblend, for added fiber, preventative maintenance of the colon and insurance against parasitic infestations. I take one tablespoon mid-morning.

**The second-most important thing I put into my body each day is freshly extracted carrot juice made from large California juicing carrots in a Green Life juicer. I try to drink at least 16 to 24 ounces each day. When I had my colon cancer twenty years ago I consumed 32 to 64 ounces of carrot juice each day. If I had a serious physical problem today I would consume up to eight 8-ounce glasses of carrot juice each day in addition to my three to four tablespoons of Barleygreen.

The reasons Barleygreen and carrot juice are so important to me are:

  • Cooked food has practically no nutritional value.
  • A large percentage of the nutrients in raw food are lost in the digestion process, with only 1 to 35 % of nutrients reaching cell level, depending on the health of the digestive system.
  • When vegetable juice or Barleygreen is consumed, up to 92% of the nutrients reach cell level. This is because the pulp has been removed and thus no digestion is necessary. Raw vegetable juices are the fastest way to nourish the cells and rebuild the immune system and essential body organs.

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